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USB Type-C Dock
USB Type-C Portable Mini Dock and Charger CCV50PB
USB Type-C Dock provides USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, and Power Charging!

What is the status of PC Card support for *BSD, Linux, and other UNIX-like systems?

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Updated November 26, 2003

PC Card support under various UNIX-like systems varies greatly. Many vendors are beginning to supply drivers for these systems, but they are not always supported. Additionally, many device drivers have been written by the open source community, and are available for download. Synchrotech current policy is to notify customers when a device is known to work with open source systems, but does not provide technical support beyond simple hardware installation methods. However, since most users of UNIX-like systems tend to be much more knowledgeable about software configuration and drivers, this hasn't prevented people from using our products. Indeed, some users have coded their own drivers.

Drivers for Synchrotech Products

Ratoc Products

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[PCM-SCSI-RUP] Ratoc Ultra SCSI Card Bus PC Card For PC (CB31U)
Ratoc has released Linux drivers for this product. See license information above.
[PCM-SCSI-RUWP] Ratoc Ultrawide SCSI Card Bus PC Card For PC (CB32U)
Ratoc has released Linux drivers for this product. See license information above.

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