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G-Technology Products are extremely reliable. Further, the support section of their site is fairly extensive. Please see the following on their site:

G|RAID2 Guaranteed Performance

G|Raid Video Stream Chart
G-Technology guarantees a minimum performance figure for their drives, rather than a best case scenario. This guarantee is unique in that it is based on real world workflow situations, rather than artificial benchmarks. See the following quotations taken from G-Tech's site:

NOTE: The stream counts above are calculated using a G|RAID2 filled to 80% capacity and incorporate a full seek from the first file to the last file on the drive. This is the MINIMUM GUARANTEED performance from a G|RAID2. Stream counts will be significantly greater on a clean drive. This is real-world performance and not just marketing hype! Remember, we know video.

Why don't you publish benchmark specs (MB/sec) like a lot of other manufacturers?

G|RAID Guaranteed Performance

G|RAID Video Stream Chart
For more information, see the performance tab on the G|RAID product page. This data discusses the circa 2009 Hardware RAID 0 (Oxford 936) Utilizes (2) 7200 RPM SATA II drives each with up to 32 MB cache model.

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