Parallel One Slot PCMCIA Card Reader FAQ


Windows 95/98 Installation

Steps for installing your parallel port reader under Windows 95/98.

  1. Attach reader to computer using instruction manual.
  2. Insert Floppy Installer Diskette.
  3. Run A:\Setup.exe.
  4. Reboot computer. Your reader will automatically be assigned a drive letter under "My Computer."
  5. Setup is now complete. Insert PC Card to be accessed.


Drive icon appears but I cannot do read/write operations. What do I do?

  • Check to make sure the power cable for the reader is connected.
  • Something may be wrong with the card.For example: The card format is destroyed.Set the card in the digital camera and see if the card is usable.If the card is usuable, but not accessible by the reader, then contact "User Support."If the card is unusable in the camera, format the card with the camera again.If this case occurs often, contact Synchrotech for more information.

My driver is not working in Windows 98. What is wrong?

  • Try downloading the newest version of our driver from the driver download page and remove and reinstall the drivers.
  • Make sure your computer is in ECP or PS2 mode. Do this by changing the parallel port mode in the Bios of your computer.

I have installed the drivers for my reader but it still does not show a "Removable Disk" in the "My Computer" section. What is wrong?

  • First, see the Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager -> Hard Disk Controllers.If "SCM Card Reader for Parallel Port" is marked with an exclamation point, check to see if the reader is connected properly, or if there is a problem with the cable.
  • If "SCM Card Reader for Parallel Port" is working properly, then something may be wrong with the system settings that assign a driver letter to the reader.*

Example 1: The Toshiba notebook has hard disk partitions, so the hard disk is divided into C: and D:. If D: is not formatted, there will still be a D: icon, but if you click the icon, "The device is not installed" message will appear. From the driver point of view, the driver for installing the reader will also get D: as it's driver letter, thus conflicting with the hard disk partition. As a result, the drive icon of the reader will not appear.

Example 2: Check the range limit of your drive letters and see what letter the max is set to in the Config.sys file. Ordinarilly, the default is [A-Z]. If the user does not do anything special, this case will not happen.

My reader is not working with my printer. It sometimes spits out pages and pages of paper. What should I do?

  • Try downloading the newest driver on our driver download page. Then remove and reintsall the software.

Drive icon appears under "My Computer" but I cannot read my card or information on my card. What do I do?

  • Please contact Synchrotech Technical Support.

Synchrotech's Tech Support Department

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