Converting Analog to Digital Video

Updated September 01, 2003

Q1: How can I convert analog to digital video?

sony dv

Often, customers making the transition from analog to digital video ask if there is a way to convert existing analog footage to DV. Currently there are several options for this. Synchrotech is aware of these devices:

On the mid-range for Macintosh and PC is the Datavideo DAC-100/200. This device offers one of the best feature to price ratios we know of. Additionally, the company provides technical support.
Many DV camcorders will accept analog inputs and naturally connect via FireWire to a host editing computer. The 1394ta has a partial listing of manufacturers and models of DV camcorders.
Other devices and companies that we have not researched or tested include:
For more desktop analog conversions and input please check with the following companies.
Pinnacle Systems makes several Digital/Analog boards
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd. makes several Digital/Analog boards
Avid Technology, Inc. has a wide range of products

Most of the converters mentioned above handle conversions including VHS to DV. These products vary in terms of the types of input/output support and other features, so it is best to compare options.

If you already have video on disk in some other format such as MPEG or AVI, you can convert the files to DV for a digital video workflow using various products. One of the easiest ways is to use Apple's $29.99 QuickTime Pro for Windows or Macintosh to convert existing file types to a DV Stream, which can then be treated just like footage captured from a standard DV source.

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