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PCMCIA CompactFlash Memory Cards are mass storage devices and are fully PCMCIA complaint. CompactFlash Cards (misspelled Compact Flash) include an intelligent controller providing two key features: flash media control and PC Card ATA (IDE) interface. CompactFlash Cards also integrate a sophisticated defect and error management system into the PC Card's controller. Our industrial CompactFlash Cards are excellent replacements for discontinued Sandisk industrial CompactFlash cards. See our PCMCIA CompactFlash Memory Cards FAQ and Information (Compact Flash) page for more information.

Industrial CompactFlash Cards
FMJ CompactFlash Card Industrial ES Series More Information - View Product Pages
FMJ CompactFlash Card Industrial ES Series
CompactFlash Cards (CFV-***-TSI-3524)
FMJ Enhanced Security (ES) CompactFlash is a small, low cost, high performance, removable solid-state memory storage subsystem. ES series CompactFlash build on the strengths of FMJ's existing lines adding more performance and select security features.
Synchrotech Industrial CF
Synchrotech Industrial CF More Information - View Product Pages
Synchrotech Industrial CompactFlash
Economical general purpose cards in industrial temperature ranges
ATP ProMax CompactFlash 150x
ATP ProMax 150X CompactFlash More Information - View Product Pages
ATP 2GB ProMax CompactFlash 150x
High speed and reliable 150X cards for Digital Photography and other performance applications

Card Readers for PCMCIA CompactFlash Memory

For the highest speed access, utilize a FireWire, USB 3.0, or cardbus media adapter. Many of our readers work well with CompactFlash, either stand-alone or with a media adapter.

PCIe ExpressCard to CompactFlash
CFExpressPro+ PCIe More Information - View Product Pages Buy Now
CFExpressPro+ PCIe ExpressCard to CompactFlash Memory Card Adapter
Searing fast CFExpressPro+ PCIe 2.5Gbps ExpressCard to UDMA CompactFlash! Mac OS X 10.4 or later Windows 2000, XP, Vista.
EXP34-ADP-CF2-02 | Price: $45.00

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