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PCI Express (PCIe) to ExpressCard drives open the world of ExpressCards to desktop computers. Requiring only a single lane PCIe 1X slot and a spare USB 2.0 port, PCI Express (PCIe) to ExpressCard drives provide a fully functional ExpressCard 34|54 slot. A smart investment for switching host adapters and other high performance ExpressCards between notebook and desktop computers, PCI Express ExpressCard drives are simple to install and fully conform to PCIe and ExpressCard standards. There are choices between front and rear slot models.

PCIe ExpressCard Drive Front
PCIe to ExpressCard Front More Information - View Product Pages Buy Now
PCI Express to ExpressCard 34|54 Drive Read-Writer Front
Featuring a specially manufactured highly shielded internal cable, allowing an ExpressCard/34|54 slot and an additional USB 2.0 port in a 3.5" drive bay of PCIe 1x equipped PCs. Header style USB connection to motherboard. For Windows and other x86 OS.
EXP54-CR-PCEIF1 | Price: $128.00
Qio Universal Media Read/Writer desktop
Qio Universal Media Read/Writer More Information - View Product Pages Buy Now
Qio Universal Media Reader with SonnetBus Extender PCIe adapter for desktops
Videographers' dream device - reads an amazing range of media including P2 PC Card, SxS ExpressCard, and CompactFlash/SDHC + SATA
SON-QIO-PCIE | Price: $999.00

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