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Most modern notebooks don't include RS-232 Serial (known as COM in Windows). However, this venerable connection technology is still in demand. For newer notebooks with ExpressCard 34|54 slots, Synchrotech's ExpressCard Serial Adapters provide the missing functionality.

USB 2.0 Based RS-232 Serial ExpressCards

Unlike some inexpensive USB to Serial adapters, the host adapters provide robust support, and work with nearly all RS-232 applications. These ExpressCard to RS-232 Serial adapters are less exprensive than PCIe based ExpressCards, but when 100% RS-232 compatibility is required, see PCIe Based RS-232 Serial ExpressCards

ExpressCard Serial 2 Port
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ExpressCard 34 to Serial I/O (RS-232) DB9 2 Ports Host Adapter
Dual port RS-232 supporting baud rates up to 225Kbps. Includes industry-standard DB-9 connectors. Win 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)
EXP34-RS232-02 | Price: $37.00

PCIe Based RS-422/RS-485 Serial ExpressCards

Advantages of a PCIe-based ExpressCard design are in the interface to the laptop's motherboard. The PCIe bus interface is the successor to the PCI bus, which in turn was the successor to the ISA bus to which built-in serial ports were originally attached. As such, the ExpressCard adapter design utilizes a PCIe-based design and can still directly use I/O space addresses and interrupts, thus more closely emulating built-in ports than can be done via USB-based design. Moreover, because there's no USB stack for the drivers to contend with, throughput can be higher and latency will be lower (considerably so in many cases). Due to improved data transfer rate, the ExpressCard is considerably more efficient for multi-tasking operations. The PXPseries support data rates of up to 921.6Kbps, which provides steady flow of data throughput.

PCIe ExpressCard Serial 4 Port
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Quatech/B&B 4 port Performance PCIe based RS-422/485 Serial ExpressCard
Quad port RS-422/RS-485 PCIe based for highest performance and compatibility Up to 921.6kbps per port, TIA-400-B (RS-422) and TIA-485-A (RS-485) compliant. Win XP/Vista/7
EXP34-QSPXP-200/300 | Price: $325.00

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