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Most modern notebooks don't include IEEE-1284 Parallel (known as LPT in Windows). However, this venerable connection technology is still in demand. For newer notebooks with ExpressCard 34|54 slots, Synchrotech's ExpressCard Parallel Adapters provide the missing functionality.

USB Based IEEE 1284 Parallel ExpressCards

Unlike some inexpensive USB to IEEE-1284 EPP Parallel adapters, the host adapters provide robust support, and work with many Parallel Port applications. These ExpressCard to Parallel adapters are less exprensive than PCIe based ExpressCards, but when 100% IEEE-1284 EPP Parallel compatibility is required, see IEEE-1284 EPP Parallel ExpressCards

ExpressCard Parallel 1 Port
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ExpressCard 34 to Parallel Printer (IEEE 1284) DB25 Host Adapter 1 Port C-370
Single port Parallel Printer (IEEE 1284)

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