ExpressCard 34 to PCMCIA PC CardBus 16/32-bit Read-Writer Express2PCC

ExpressCard 34 to PCMCIA PC Card Express2PCC is a second generations ExpressCard to PCMCIA PC Card and CardBus adapter. Express2PCC was designed to provide backward compatibility for the new generation of ExpressCard equipped laptops to legacy PCMCIA 32-Bit PC CardBus and 16-Bit PC Cards. Express2PCC seamlessly converts data at the highest throughput speed from PC Cards designed for cellular broadband, wireless networking, video, audio and memory expansion to the new ExpressCard format. It is especially useful for videographers utilizing Panasonic P2 cards, allowing card ingestion on newer ExpressCard based notebooks. Special care went into designing the Express2PCC's timing circuitry in order to avoid clumsy A/B switches and other incompatibility issues seen with first generation ExpressCard to PCMCIA PC Card and CardBus adapters. What's more Express2PCC requires no drivers on any of its supported systems!

Using special electronics to convert PCMCIA PC Card input to ExpressCard compatible signals, the adapter can reach transfer rates up to the full 2.5Gbit/sec supported by the ExpressCard interface. The adapter works with ExpressCard equipped laptops or desktops. Installation is a snap and the Express2PCC has been tested with a wide range of existing PC Cards including: Panasonic P2 cards, and 3G wireless cards from Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If the drivers exist on a supported platform for a specific PC Card, then it should work in the Express2PCC without any issues.

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Optional Accessories
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Features and Specifications


CE Mark

Vista Ready

Seven Ready

  • Works great with Panasonic P2 Cards!
  • Supports any 16-bit/32-bit PC Card Application
  • Compliant with PC Card Standard 8.1 Specification
  • Compliant with PC Card Standard 8.1 16-bit Specification
  • ExpressCard/34 design; can be inserted into ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 sockets
  • Equipped with 2 LEDs for indicating power and access status
  • Suitable for notebooks equipped with ExpressCard interface
Warranty Information
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
System Requirements PC
  • ExpressCard 54 or 34 equipped PC
  • Windows Vista, and 7 (works with both the 32 and 64-bit versions of The Windows)
  • Village Tronic has informed their customers that their VTBook product does not work with the ExpressCard Adapters. This is due to an obscure part of the PC Card Standard — Zoomed Video (ZV) cannot be implemented over ExpressCard
  • Several National Instrument DAQ Cards Have been tested and do NOT work.
  • First Generation: Ricoh R5C843
  • Second Generation: Texas Instruments TI PCI 1510
  • Current Generation: Ricoh R5U241
Bus Interface
  • Host: ExpressCard
  • Peripheral: PCMCIA 32-Bit PC CardBus Cards
  • Peripheral: PCMCIA 16-Bit PC Cards
  • Host: ExpressCard 34
  • Peripheral: up to Type II PCMCIA PC Card
  • Up to the full ExpressCard specification (x1 PCI Express)
  • Limited by maximum data rate of PC Card used
Physical Characteristics
  • Dimensions: 110.0 x 64.0 x 9.0mm (LWH)
  • Weight: 31g (approximate)
Electrical Characteristics
  • Power Output: 3.3V or 5.0V
  • 3.3V ± 0.3V @ 500mA (max.) directly from ExpressCard socket
  • UL, CE, FCC, RoHS


W3 Document Express2PCC Workaround for Some 16-bit R2 PC Card Issues
Instructions for attempting to correct an issue sometimes seen when using some 16-bit PC Cards on modern systems.
W3 Document ExpressCard FAQ for ExpressCard 34 and ExpressCard 54
Answers a broad range of ExpressCard questions including form factor, compatibility, etc.

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