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Media Adapters allow a host slot for one media form factor to accept media in a different form factor. Using memory cards from digital cameras and other portable devices with ExpressCard equipped computers couldn't be easier. Consider a notebook computer with a standard ExpressCard 34 slot. An ExpressCard to CompactFlash™ Adapter like the CFExpressPro+ will allow it to read and write to CompactFlash™ just as if it were a native card without the need for a separate card reader. Additionally, they are very compact and portable without unwieldy cables--a boon for travelers. Furthermore, they typically require no drivers on any system that fully supports the host media specification. ExpressCard Media Adapters work in nearly every host system fully supporting the host media. The newest Media Adapters are capable of reading multiple media types and some support dual interface features.

ExpressCard to CompactFlash

PCIe ExpressCard to CompactFlash
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CFExpressPro+ PCIe ExpressCard to CompactFlash Memory Card Adapter
Searing fast CFExpressPro+ PCIe 2.5Gbps ExpressCard to UDMA CompactFlash! Mac OS X 10.4 or later Windows 2000, XP, Vista.
EXP34-ADP-CF2-02 | Price: $45.00

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