ExpressCard 34 to FireWire IEEE 1394 Host Adapter Home

ExpressCard to FireWire host adapters allow addition of FireWire to ExpressCard equipped notebook and desktop computers. One of the fastest and most versatile bus standards ever devised, FireWire (aka i.LINK and IEEE 1394) makes a powerful addition to any computer. Used by most DV25, DV50 and other DV Camcorders, FireWire's ability to guarantee bandwidth and isosynchronous mode makes it a favorite connectivity standard among video professionals. FireWire provides performance for high-bandwidth applications including mass storage devices like hard drives. FireWire allows connections of up to 63 devices, is "hot pluggable," easy to use, and doesn't suffer from the latency and CPU burden issues exhibited by USB 2.0. In real world use FireWire 400 outperforms USB 2.0 in bandwidth intensive applications. FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b) effectively doubles the bandwidth of FireWire to 800Mbps over copper.

ExpressCard to FireWire 400

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