1Gsps/75Mhz USB pen-style DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope)

USB Tester More Like This USBscope50 is a new concept in USB DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) products. PC based oscilloscopes deliver many user benefits including flexibility, ease of use and economy. USBscope50 combines very small form factor with high performance normally associated with much larger bench type products. Power for the DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) is provided via the USB interface connector, further simplifying the user experience. Most USB DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscopes) implement 2 channels but the USBscope50's modular design allows the user to choose to configure a single channel or up to 4 channels. Elan's proprietary synchronization system ensures tight Oscilloscope channel to channel matching and concurrent triggering. USBscope50 is small enough to be carried in a shirt pocket or laptop bag but uses standard BNC oscilloscope probes.

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Features and Specifications

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  • AC or DC coupling
  • 50Msps 8-bit single shot
  • Programmable input offset
  • DC-75MHz analogue bandwidth
  • Stackable or use stand-alone
  • 1Meg || 15pF input impedance
  • Probe compensation output signal
  • Programmable trigger threshold and edge modes
  • 3000 point sample depth with pre and post trigger
  • Comes with Windows USBscope50 software for 98SE/2K/XP
  • 200mA host power consumption, with support for suspend
  • 1Gsps equivalent time sampling (repetitive input waveforms)
  • 30V/3V/0.3V input ranges with x1 probe. 300V/30V/3V with x10 probe
  • Elan Java Software for USBscope50 Update Works with The Windows 7 (read details)
  • Input is galvanically isolated from USB port to 300V Cat II
  • Body is approx. 75mm x 31mm x 17.5mm
Warranty Information
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
USBscope50 Specifications


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What happened to Elan, their website, and what we're trying to do to archive and publish their information
W3 Document Elan Java Software for USBscope50 Update Works with The Windows 7
Read post for details and limitations
Download Java Based Software
Java version for Linux and Window, MacOS X version soon. This software is beta, please provide feedback to Elan.
Download Updated Install CD-ROM Images
Software for Elan USB Test and Measurement Products
Download USBscope50 Source Code
Source Code for Elan USB Test and Measurement Products Available Under LGPL/GPL [notes]
Download USBScope50 software
Software runs in demo mode activated when device not plugged in. A good way to evaluate before purchase.
W3 Document README File
PDF Document User Guide
W3 Document Elan Product Page
See Elan's product page for software screen shots, SDK information, FAQ, feedback, release notes and more
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