USB Full Speed to PC/SC Smart Card Read/Writer SCR38 Rev. 2

PCM-CR-SCR38 More Like This Synchrotech's second generation SCR38 USB Full Speed to PC/SC Smart Card Read/Writer adds USB 2.0 Full Speed support and has a fresh new look. Being compliant with the CCID specification, the SCR38 Series offers a plug-and-play solution that eliminates the need for driver installation and driver-system compatibility assessment. Its USB interface facilitates communication between a computer and a smart card very easily, allowing for a seamless implementation of smart-card based applications in a PC environment.

Along with the rapid growth of technology comes the increasing prevalence of electronic data theft. This emphasizes the need to secure electronic data, thus necessitating the integration of smart card technology into current IT infrastructures. Following this trend, the SCR38 Smart Card Reader Series combines sophisticated technology and modern design to meet stringent requirements in smart card-based applications, such as payment systems and electronic identification, where a high level of security has increasingly been deemed essential. The SCR38 Smart Card Reader is compliant with ISO-7816 and EMV Level 1 specifications. It supports ISO-7816 Class A, B and C (5V, 3V and 1.8V) cards, including all microprocessor cards with T=0, T=1, protocols, as well as most of the popular memory cards in the market.

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Features and Specifications

Win32 MacOSX x86Unix

CE Mark

USB Logo

Manufacturer certifies RoHS Compliance

Seven Ready

Ten Ready

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • EN 60950/IEC 60950, ISO-7816, PC/SC, CE, FCC, VCCI, CCID, Microsoft WHQL, EMV 2000 Level 1
  • USB bus powered, no power adapter required
  • RoHS Compliant
Warranty Information
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Smart Card Support
  • Supports ISO-7816 Class A, B and C ( 5V, 3V, 1.8V ) cards
  • Performs read and write operations on all microprocessor cards with T=0, T=1 protocols
  • Supports most of the popular memory card types in the market: Cards following the I2C bus protocol (free memory cards) such as:
    • Atmel: AT24C01 /02/04/08/16/32/64/128/256/512/1024
    • SGS-Thomson: ST14C02C, ST14C04C
    • Gemplus: GFM1K, GFM2K, GFM4K, GFM8K
  • Cards with intelligent 256 bytes EEPROM and write protect function: SLE4432, SLE4442, SLE5532, SLE5542
  • Cards with intelligent 1K bytes EEPROM and write-protect function: SLE4418, SLE4428, SLE5518, SLE5528
  • Cards with '104' type of EEPROM (non-reloadable token counter cards): SLE4406, SLE4436, SLE5536, SLE6636
  • Cards with secure memory IC with password and authentication: AT88SC153, AT88SC1608
  • Cards with Intelligent 416-Bit EEPROM with internal PIN check: SLE4404
  • Cards with Security Logic with Application Zone: AT88SC101, AT88SC102, AT88SC1003
  • Supports PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection)
Certificate of Conformance
  • EN 60950/IEC 60950, ISO-7816, PC/SC, CE, FCC, VCCI, CCID, Microsoft WHQL, EMV 2000 Level 1
Smart Card Interface Support
  • ISO-7816 Class A, B and C ( 5V, 3V, 1.8V )
  • EN 60950/IEC 60950, EMV 2000 Level 1, PC/SC, CCID, CE, FCC, VCCI, RoHS Compliant, USB Full Speed
  • Microsoft WHQL: 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7
System Requirements
  • Win32: Win98, Win ME, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 2008, Win 7, 10
  • Win64: Win 2003 x64, Win XP x64, Win Vista x64, Win 2008 x64, Win 2008 R2 x64, Win 7 x64, 10
  • Unsupported, but known to work with Mac OS X and Linux
Transfer Rates
  • Full Speed 12Mbps (Megabits)
  • Low Speed 1.5Mbps (Megabits)
Electrical Characteristics
  • Operational Voltage: Regulated DC 5 Volts direct from USB
  • Supply Current: 50mA (max)
  • CLK Frequency: 4 MHz
Operating Environment
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C
  • MTBF: 500,000 hours
Physical Dimensions
  • 72.2 x 69 x 14.5mm (LHH)


Download Diagnostic Utility
Diagnostic Utility to assist in tracking down Smart Card issues with readers
Date 2004.08.05 * 408KB
Download Drivers
Drivers for Select Smart Card Products
Date 2005.10.05 * 40.38MB
W3 Document Smart Card product line and Windows 10

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