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Synchrotech, founded in 1990, is a privately held company located in Los Angeles, California.

Company Focus

Synchrotech is a manufacturer and master distributor of computer peripherals and is laying the foundation for emerging computer technologies by providing a full line of cost-effective computer peripherals.

Product Distribution

Synchrotech sells primarily to its dealer network, aggregators, OEM customers, systems integrators, selected value added resellers, and end users. End users can purchase products from our convenient online store using the navigation on the left of this page to browse our product catalog. Synchrotech distributes both domestically and internationally.

Products And Technology

Synchrotech's mission is to provide application specific solutions in today's complex computer peripheral markets and offer state of the art technology at a competitive price. Synchrotech offers a full line of PCMCIA PC Card, networking, and general computer peripheral products.

Synchrotech's traditional focus has been PCMCIA PC Card and PC Card related products like PCMCIA PC Card Drives. Along with PCMCIA PC Card products, Synchrotech provides a broad range of consumer and vertical market memory cards. Synchrotech's own line of economical, high performance consumer memory cards include: CompactFlash and SD Card. We carry offerings from manufacturers including Sandisk and Lexar as well. PCMCIA PC Card Memory devices for other applications include our ATA Flash, PCMCIA Linear Flash, and PCMCIA SRAM.

Synchrotech also distributes a wide range of FireWire and USB peripherals. Our FireWire Repeater Hub and UltiFire FireWire Hard Drive lines are very popular. Datavideo's DAC-200 FireWire Digital/Analog Video Capture-Converter is our most popular product of all time. Synchrotech supplies a range of USB port adapters that allow legacy peripheral connectivity with USB equipped hosts. Among speciality USB products are our USB to PC/SC Smart Card readers.

Synchrotech proudly serves as the master US distributor for FarSite Ltd., manufacturer of a range of specialized networking products. FarSite's gateways provide general purpose, point of sale, and SMS message routing capabilities. FarSite's extensive line of PCI/PCI-X products provide a range of communications solutions for X.25, WAN, E1, and other networking protocols. FarSite's X.25 products are state of the art, and provide a range of methods to bridge X.25 with other networking technologies like TCP/IP.

Synchrotech anticipates high demand for emerging and future technologies such as ExpressCard, PCI Express, FireWire 800, and others. Manufacturers and vendors that want to take advantage of Synchrotech's existing marketing, sales, and distribution chain should contact Synchrotech's Sales Department.

Authorized Resellers of Synchrotech Products

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