Synchrotech CompactFlash Memory Cards DT/LC Series

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CompactFlash More Like This Synchrotech's LC Series CompactFlash Cards are economical and feature very good performance. Great for general purpose usage or medium resolution digital photography and other storage applications, these CompactFlash Cards' versatility is only matched by their affordability. CompactFlash Cards are designed specifically for mass storage. They include an intelligent controller providing these key features: flash media control, a PC Card ATA (IDE) interface, and a sophisticated defect and error management system. This system is analogous to those in magnetic disk drives, completely transparent to host devices, and consumes no user data space. CompactFlash Cards are 100% compatible with consumer electronics, operating systems, utilities, and application programs supporting IDE disk drives.

Part Number and Description Price Add to Cart
PCM-CFDT-0256 Synchrotech 256MB CompactFlash Card DT/LC Series N/A SOLD OUT
Industrial Cards
PCM-CFDT-M0512 Synchrotech 512MB CompactFlash Card DT/LC Series Industrial N/A SOLD OUT
PCM-CFDT-M1024 Synchrotech 1GB CompactFlash Card DT/LC Series Industrial N/A SOLD OUT

Features and Specifications

CE Mark

Vista Ready

  • Easy Installation
  • ATA Command Set Compatible
  • CompactFlash™ Compliant
  • PCMCIA Version 2.1/JEIDA 4.1 Compliant
  • Automatic 3.3 Volt / 5.0 Volt Switching Power Supply
  • Fully compatible in applications for Digital Cameras, PC, PDA, Application Specific Instrumentation
  • No battery required for data retention
  • Fast read/write access time
  • Hot insertion and removal
  • CE Approved
Warranty Information
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Memory Type
  • Solid State NAND-based Flash Memory
Data Transfer Rate To/From Flash *
  • 19.95 MBytes/sec burst max. (133X)
  • * speeds vary by capacity and configuration
Physical Dimensions
  • CompactFlash™ Enclosure: 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3mm (LWH)
  • Weight: 14.2 grams
Electrical Characteristics
  • Operational Voltage: 3.3 Volts ± 10% / 5 Volts ± 10%
Operating Environment Standard Cards
  • Operating temperature: 0° C to 55° C
  • Relative Humidity: 95% (max.) non-condensing
  • Shock operation 1000G
Operating Environment Industrial Cards
  • Temperature Operating: -40 to 85° C
  • Temperature Non-Operating: -55 to 125° C
  • Vibration: 15G peak-to-peak
  • Shock: 1,000G max


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Apple support document #75509 dealing with CompactFlash
Synchrotech Parts PCM-CF * Date 3/24/03
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* The advertised memory capacity of this device represents unformatted capacity. Please note that once formatted and due to variations in flash module block limitations, the functional storage space will be lower than the advertised capacity.

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