FarSync Flex USB X.25 Synchronous Adapter

Farsync Flex USB X25 More Like This FarSync Flex X25 - Key Features: X.21, RS530, V.35, RS449 and RS232C network interfaces, drivers for Linux and Windows, NDIS and SDCI Windows API, Raw sockets Linux API, TCP/IP over PPP, USB line powered, Toolkit available for using the API, Line signal modes: NRZ, NRZI, FM0 and FM1, Selectable synchronous or asynchronous, 2 Mbits/s, internal and external clocking, USB 2.0 and 1.1. X.25 and ISO transport protocol handlers for Windows and Linux, IP over X.25, X.25 Developers Toolkit. Sockets and Java API to the protocol handlers.

FarSite announces the FarSync Flex, the worlds first USB Synchronous line adapter. FarSite have developed a USB connected synchronous serial adapter supporting X.21, RS530, V.35, RS449 and RS232C network interfaces operating at serial line speeds up to 2 Mbits/s. The device is believed to be the only USB Synchronous Serial line adapter available. No external power supply is required as the device is powered from the USB connection. USB 2.0 and older USB 1.1 host interfaces are supported.

See FarSite's W3 Page or PDF datasheet for more information and full features/specifications for this device.

Part Number and Description Price Add to Cart
F-FS6100 FarSync Flex USB Sync/Async/X.25 Adapter with Linux and Windows X.25 SDK and Drivers $1,170.00 Buy Now
F-FS9504 FarSync X.25 High Capacity Pack for Windows, up to 4095 simultaneous sessions $900.00 More Information - View Product Pages
F-FS9505 FarSync X.25 High Capacity Pack for Linux, up to 4095 simultaneous sessions $900.00 More Information - View Product Pages
F-FS9508 FarSync XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) on FarSync X.25 Cards Extension Software for Linux
for use with FarSync X.25 hardware products like the T-Series line
$135.00 Buy Now
F-FS6011v2-KCR1 Single RS232C (v.24, X.21bis) and RS530 (EIA530) cable 1.5M for FarSync Flex v2 $54.00 Buy Now
F-FS6062-UCX1 Single X.21 (V.11, RS422) cable 1.5M $54.00 Buy Now
F-FS6063-UCV1 Single V.35 cable 1.5M $68.00 Buy Now
F-FS6019-KC449 Single RS449 cable 1.5M $68.00 Buy Now
F-FS6016-KCR-MON Monitor Cable RS232C (v.24, X.21bis) with DB25M to DB25F passthrough 1.5M $133.00 Buy Now
F-FS6017-KCX-MON Monitor Cable X.21 (V.11, RS422) with DB15M to DB15F passthrough 1.5M $133.00 Buy Now

Features and Specifications

x86Unix Win32

CE Mark

  • FarSite W3 Page
  • FarSite PDF datasheet
  • IP over X25 support
  • Simultaneous XOT support option
  • Comprehensive Developers Toolkit
  • RS232C (V.24), X.21 (V.11), RS530 (RS422), V.35 and RS449 interfaces
  • Dual bank flash for secure in field upgrades and previous system restore capability
  • High efficiency, USB Line powered, energy saving design
  • USB 2.0 high-speed mode (480mb/s) and 1.1 compatible
  • 1 port supporting X.25 line speeds up to 2 Mbits/s
  • Data rates of over 2000 packets per second
  • Sockets and Java APIs for application development
Warranty Information
  • FarSync five year limited warranty

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