SoftDrive Professional PC Card Storage Device Software

SoftDrive Professional More Like This SoftDrive Professional is a software driver set bundled with PC Card Manager software for handling SRAM and Linear Flash Cards under Windows 2000 and Windows XP since these PC Cards are no longer supported by Microsoft. Many applications require read/write of binary data formats (Linear Flash Cards). SoftDrive provides such services under Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. SoftDrive also allows for direct byte-oriented data access to ATA Flash Cards, including CompactFlash, SmartMedia and MultimediaCard/SD Cards. SoftDrive works directly with a build-in PC Card slot in laptops. Third party PC Card drives (ie. PCI to PC Card) are not supported.

SoftDrive Professional enables a graphical Windows package providing direct access to the data stored in Linear Flash, SRAM and ATA PCMCIA memory PC Cards. It allows saving and loading of binary 'images' of card data to a hard disk drive in simple and quick operation. Data between any two address blocks can be copied and edited with a hex editor. The format of the data on the card is unimportant: it could be a TFFS style format, or it could be a proprietary format written by a logger or portable instrument, or it could contain a mixture of formats. SoftDrive Professional can access the data. Also included is a card viewer that allows direct hex display of the data on the card.

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S-SD-USB SoftDrive Professional PC Card Storage Device Software
Works only with native laptop PC Card, or PCI to PC Card Reader slots!

Features and Specifications


Ten Ready

  • See CSM's Datasheet for comprehensive list of features and specifications
  • 32 bit Windows tool (PC Card Manager) for easy and professional handling of SRAM, Linear Flash and ATA Flash PC Cards
  • Data access and transfer between PC Card and PC completely format-independent, the contents of PC Cards are treated as a binary array of bytes
  • Byte-Oriented Programming of SRAM Cards, Linear Flash Cards, ATA Flash Cards, including CompactFlash, SmartMedia and MMC/SD Cards
  • Program configuration can be saved to hard disk for easy handling of recurrent tasks
  • CSM Device Driver Software for Windows Ideal for Binary Data Formats
  • Free access to all parts of PC Cards (attribute and common memory)
  • Read and write access to arbitrary memory sections of the PC Card
  • Ideal for embedding in OEM software applications
  • Identify and read CIS for many 16 bit I/O Card
  • Application Interface for 16/32-Bit
  • Includes Utilities MELCOPY, BCPY
  • 32-bit PC CARD MANAGER
Warranty Information
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
System Requirements
  • Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
  • X86 based laptop or desktop PC
  • Built in internal card slot
  • 12V off PC Card rail for 12V Linear Flash Card Applications
  • USB port for copy protection dongle
PC Card Storage Technologies
  • SRAM
  • Flash Series I (Intel or equivalent)
  • Flash Series II/2+ (Intel or equivalent)
  • Flash Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
  • ATA Flash or Rotating
  • AMD Series C, D and E (AMD or equivalent)
Memory Card Functions
  • Read whole or part of a PC Card's to disk file
  • Write data from a disk file to part or all of PC Card
  • Erase all or part of a PC Card's data
  • Check card holds blank data (FFH) over the set address
  • Compare card data to disk file data over the set address
  • Checksum card data over set address (16 bit additive)
  • Automatically detect most card types and size
  • Hex Mode allows Hex view and edit)
Package Includes
  • Memory Card Explorer Software CD-ROM


PDF Document Datasheet
CSM Datasheet for SoftDrive Professional
W3 Document CSM Support FAQ
CSM FAQ page with various information for software and readers
W3 Document Software Update Page
CSM page for updates to software and readers

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