Memory Card Explorer Software

Memory Card Explorer Software More Like This Elan Memory Card Explorer is a graphical Windows software package providing direct access to the data stored in flash, SRAM and ATA PCMCIA memory PC Cards. It allows the binary 'image' of the card data to be saved to or loaded from the hard disk drive in simple and fast operations. Data between any two address blocks can be copied and edited.

The format of the data on the card is unimportant: it could be a TFFS style format, or it could be a proprietary format written by a logger or portable instrument, or it could contain a mixture of formats. In all cases MCE can access the data. Also included is a card viewer that allows direct hex displa} of the data on the card.

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S-MCE-NT Memory Card Explorer Software (Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP) v 3.21
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S-MCE-SLIM Memory Card Explorer Software (Windows 95/98/ME) v 3.15 $92.00 Buy Now
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Features and Specifications

  • Automatically detect PC Card memory type, size and other attributes
  • PC Card independent for Windows 95, 98 and Millennium (MCE Standard Version)
  • Reads, writes and edits data in all types and makes of linear memory PC Cards regardless of data formats
  • PC Card independent for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 and XP (MCE/NT Version)
  • MCE Standard is upgradeable to Windows NT/2000/XP (MCE/NT)
  • May be used with multi-slot desktop and laptop PCs
  • Ideal for embedding in OEM software applications
  • Identify and read CIS for many 16 bit I/O Card
Warranty Information
  • none
System Requirements
  • X86 based laptop or desktop PC
  • Built in internal card slot (laptop)
  • PCI based Card read-writer (desktop)
PC Card Storage Technologies
  • SRAM
  • Flash Series I (Intel or equivalent)
  • Flash Series II/2+ (Intel or equivalent)
  • Flash Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
  • ATA Flash or Rotating
  • AMD Series C, D and E (AMD or equivalent)
Memory Card Functions
  • Read whole or part of a PC Card's to disk file
  • Write data from a disk file to part or all of PC Card
  • Erase all or part of a PC Card's data
  • Check card holds blank data (FFH) over the set address
  • Compare card data to disk file data over the set address
  • Checksum card data over set address (16 bit additive)
  • Automatically detect card type and size
  • Card Explore feature to view card data in 'real time'
  • File Explore (allows Hex view and edit)
Package Includes
  • Memory Card Explorer Software CD-ROM


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