Parallel Port to PC Card Read-Writer 1 Slot + SRAM OmniDrive

Parallel Port Extended Reader More Like This Synchrotech's IPI OMNIDrive is an external read-writer for PC Card SRAM, ATA Flash and Hard Drive cards. Used in concert with a Type II PC Card adapter, it will work with a variety of memory cards including CompactFlash and SmartMedia. OMNIDrive utilizes a standard parallel printer port (SPP) or bi-directional (EPP) connection to the host. Used with bi-directional EPP connections transfer rates up to 1MB per second provide excellent performance in high capacity storage applications with PC Card hard disks or ATA Flash Cards. The connector features a printer port pass through for daisy chaining of other devices. Packaged with extensive PC Card support software, OMNIDrive is designed to work with Microsoft operating systems. The software package includes support and drivers for PC Card SRAM, a rarity for external read-writers. PC Card Device drivers configure themselves depending on the available resources, ensuring trouble free installation and removal from the host system. The international registered product ID utilized by the OMNIDrive guarantees correct identification of PC Cards.

Designed for harsh industrial applications and heavy duty loads, the robust aluminum case protects the reader and PC Card. OMNIDrive provides exceptional data security electrostatic discharge safeguards. Further, it features low voltage monitoring and power failure detection. Additional data security is achieved by continuous checksum monitoring during data transfer.

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PCM-CR-P1EX2 Parallel Port to PC Card Read-Writer 1 Slot + SRAM
product at end of life, for a suitable replacement see PCM-CR-P1EX3
EOL Replaced More Information - View Product Pages

Features and Specifications


CE Mark

Vista Ready

Seven Ready

  • CE and ISO 9000 Approved
  • Accepts Type I, II PC Cards
  • Supports Uni, Bi-directional IEEE 1284 SPP and EPP Specifications
  • Easy Installation, Microsoft Plug and Play
  • Supports multiple partition PCMCIA Cards
  • PCMCIA Version 2.1/JEIDA 4.1 Compliant
  • Front panel power/busy lights
  • Up to 1 MB/sec. Transfer Rate
  • Hot insertion and removal
  • One year limited warranty
Warranty Information
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
PC Card Support
  • PC Card SRAM
  • Type I or II ATA Flash memory and ATA Hard Disk PC Cards
  • CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and similar memory cards when used in a PC Card Adapter
System Requirements
  • PC with Parallel Port
  • MS-DOS 3.3+, Windows 3.11 or Windows 95/98/98SE/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit support only)
Package Includes
  • OMNIDrive
  • CSM Standard PC Card Software
  • DB25F printer pass-through connector
  • DB25M parallel port connector
  • AT or PS/2 style DIN keyboard power connector
Physical Dimensions
  • 174mm x 109mm 35mm (LWH) (6.8 x 4.3 x 1.4")
  • Weight: 600 g (approximate)
Electrical Characteristics
  • Via PC keyboard adapter: +5V
  • Optional power supply: 220V (AC) / 110V (AC)
Operating Environment
  • Temperature operating : 0° to 70° C (32° to 158° F)
  • Temperature non-operating: -20° to 85° C (-4° to 185° F)
  • Relative Humidity: 90% (max.) non-condensing


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