FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway TCP to X.25 POS Gateway Appliance APACS, ISO8583, ePOS

TCP to X.25 POS Gateway Some modern Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals, store controllers and other types of electronic money transfer processing equipment connect via TCP/IP whilst many existing POS transaction processing Hosts, such as VISA, have X.25 interfaces. Similarly in some cases the reverse situation exists. Standard TCP to X.25 Routers can break the POS protocols and do not provide the specialist translation required. The FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway has been specifically designed to overcome this problem and provide a dependable means of inter-connecting POS equipment to electronic money transfer central processing systems where TCP/IP and X.25 networks are in use. The very versatile FarLinX Gateway supports ISO 8583, APACS, HGEPOS plus CTL (Card Tech Ltd) Online message type support. There are 3 versions providing scalable solutions, starting with a small scale single store version supporting up to 10 simultaneous transactions to the MAX version allowing up to 4,000 simultaneous transactions. In addition the Gateway can be configured for general purpose TCP to X.25 data translation with flexible routing options. Many customers purchase the product for these functions alone. Support is provided for fixed routes, dynamic routing, Cisco RBP compatibility and RFC1006 support.

Two Gateways can be used in a load balanced, resilient configuration that has no single point of failure. The FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway will operate in conjunction with an IP dial platform to support remote POS terminals connected via PSTN or ISDN connections. The Gateway is designed for non-stop operation. Almost all changes to the configuration are applied dynamically with no need for restarting. Where a software solution that can be installed on PC Servers running Windows is preferred the FarSync TCP-X25 POS Gateway in-conjunction with FarSync X.25 cards should be used.

Part Number and Description Price Add to Cart
F-FL2110 FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway-10 TCP to X.25 POS Gateway Appliance APACS, ISO8583, ePOS N/A SOLD OUT
F-FL2120 FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway-20 TCP to X.25 POS Gateway Appliance APACS, ISO8583, ePOS N/A SOLD OUT
F-FL2140 FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway-MAX TCP to X.25 POS Gateway Appliance APACS, ISO8583, ePOS N/A SOLD OUT

Features and Specifications

CE Mark

  • See either the FarSite W3 Page or PDF datasheet for both hardware and operating system specific features for this device
  • FL2110: POS Gateway Appliance 10 sessions 1 X.25 line
  • FL2120: POS Gateway Appliance 2 X.25 Line 20 sessions 2 X.25 lines
  • FL2140: POS Gateway Appliance 4 X.25 Line Unlimited sessions (4,000+) 4 X.25 lines
  • 1U Rackmount Form Factor
Warranty Information
  • FarSync two year limited warranty

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