Synchrotech SlotGuardExpress ExpressCard/34 Stabilizer Insert for ExpressCard/54 Slots

ExpressCard to FireWire 400 The SlotGuardExpress ExpressCard/34 Stabilizer Insert for ExpressCard/54 Slots protects against ExpressCards being dislodged from their slots. SlotGuardExpress is an inexpensive, non-conductive insert that attaches to the side of an ExpressCard/34 to eliminate the free-play between the card and the ExpressCard slot. SlotGuardExpress is available as a product for individual end users and for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM who want to include it with their ExpressCard/34 products. SlotGuardExpress puts an end to disrupted connections and equipment damage caused by ExpressCards moving side to side (laterally) in larger slots.

While it may have seemed a sound idea to engineers designing the original ExpressCard standard, one of the more perplexing — and troublesome — aspects of the design has been using ExpressCard/34 cards in ExpressCard/54 slots. In practice, ExpressCard/34 cards, even when properly seated, aren't stable when inserted in the larger ExpressCard slots. The gap between the card and the larger slots allowed cards to be easily dislodged or come loose. This problem is more evident when ExpressCards with large "extended card" portions, and/or with cables attached to them. When cards come loose and disconnect during operation, they drop signal, or worse, can damage the ExpressCard and even the ExpressCard slot. This is especially true for cards providing electrical current, like many Serial I/O ExpressCards.

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Features and Specifications

  • Stabilizes ExpressCard/34 devices inserted in ExpressCard/54 slots
  • Non-conductive material prevents electrical shorts
  • Prevents accidental disconnection of ExpressCards
  • Prevents accidental damage to cards and slots
Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer's One Year Limited Warranty
  • Works with nearly all ExpressCard/34 devices*


W3 Document *Fitment Notes
Some ExpressCards deviate from specification and are missing the notch near the top of the card. While SlotGuardExpress is designed to mesh with that notch, it can often still attach to cards without it, but not a snugly as with a correctly designed card. Caution should be used when inserting and removing the combination of the SlotGuardExpress and ExpressCard from an SlotGuardExpress slot to ensure they don't come apart.
W3 Document ExpressCard FAQ for ExpressCard 34 and ExpressCard 54
Answers a broad range of ExpressCard questions including form factor, compatibility, etc.

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