MB8000 MobileBridge Wireless Gateway/Router for WWAN 3G/4G to WiFi/Ethernet Networks

MB8000 Wireless Gateway More Like This Top Global's MobileBridge™ is a patented, mobile/portable wireless communication gateway. MobileBridge™ is the industrial first and the most integrated WLAN and WWAN solution for Enterprise, Mobile Hot Spots, and WISPs. The product is secure, simple to use, and easily scalable to enable new applications of Wi-Fi.

Top Global mobile hot Spot solution based on MobileBridge™ combines the best of Wi-Fi technology and 3G/4G mobile communications technology. It leverages the existing and widely available 3G/4G infrastructures with the flexible, low cost and simple to use WLAN technology for enterprise applications and for rapid deployment of hot spots anywhere around the world. The solution comes with a complete suite of software package including security, network management, and AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) features.

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TG-WANLAN-805283 MB8000 MobileBridge Wireless Gateway/Router for WWAN 3G/4G to WiFi/Ethernet Networks $649.00 Buy Now

Features and Specifications

CE Mark

Vista Ready

  • The Most Convenient and Rapid Installation: Available instantaneously with only electric power required and no wired backhaul necessary. Total investment and time for the wireless network/Hot Spot construction could be reduced dramatically.
  • Flexible Authentication and Accounting: MB8000 supports web based GUI management, remote centre management and command line management. And no client software is mandatory for management.
  • Top Security Design: MB8000 utilizes the TKIP scheme, offers the secure "Always on, anywhere, anytime" wireless connectivity to subscribers. It also supports VPN and gives the Enterprise user maximum protection.
  • Network management: Users can manage their MB8000 via Internet by web page.
Warranty Information
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
WWAN PCMCIA PC Cards Supported
  • Audiovox PC5740 (1xEV-DO/CDMA-1xRTT) USA [Sprint, Verizon]
  • Audiovox PC5750 (EVDO Rev.A) USA [Verizon]
  • Audiovox/Sierra PC5220 (1xEV-DO/CDMA-1xRTT) USA [Verizon]
  • Kyocera KPC650 (1xEV-DO/CDMA-1xRTT) USA, International [Alltel, Verizon, Various]
  • Novatel Wireless C201 (CDMA-1xRTT) USA [Sprint]
  • Novatel Wireless C386 (CDMA-1xRTT) International [Various]
  • Novatel Wireless S620 (1xEV-DO/CDMA-1xRTT) USA [Sprint]
  • Novatel Wireless S720 (EVDO Rev.A) USA [Sprint]
  • Novatel Wireless U520 (UMTS) USA [AT&T-Cingular]
  • Novatel Wireless U530 (UMTS) International [Various]
  • Novatel Wireless U630 (UMTS) International [Various]
  • Novatel Wireless U730 (HSDPA/EDGE) USA [AT&T-Cingular]
  • Novatel Wireless U740 (HSDPA) International [Various]
  • Novatel Wireless V620 (1xEV-DO/CDMA-1xRTT) USA [Verizon]
  • Novatel Wireless XU870 (HSDPA) International [Various]
  • Novatel Wireless XV620 (EVDO) International [Various]
  • OPTION Fusion (UMTS) International [Various]
  • OPTION GT Max 1.8 (HSDPA) USA, International [AT&T-Cingular, Various]
  • OPTION GT Max 3.6 (HSDPA) USA, International [AT&T-Cingular, Various]
  • OPTION Trotter (HSDPA) International [Various]
  • Pantech PX-500 (EVDO) USA, International [Sprint, Various]
  • Sierra Wireless AC550 (CDMA-1xRTT) USA [Sprint]
  • Sierra Wireless AC555 (CDMA-1xRTT) USA, International [Verizon, Various]
  • Sierra Wireless AC580 (1xEV-DO/CDMA-1xRTT) USA, International [Sprint, Verizon, Various]
  • Sierra Wireless AC595 (EVDO Rev.A) USA [Sprint, Verizon]
  • Sierra Wireless AC595 (EVDO Rev.A) USA [Sprint, Verizon]
  • Sierra Wireless AC775 (EDGE/GPRS) USA, International [AT&T-Cingular, Various]
  • Sierra Wireless AC850 (HSDPA) International [Various]
  • Sierra Wireless AC860 (HSDPA/EDGE) USA [AT&T-Cingular]
  • Sierra Wireless AC875 (HSDPA/EDGE) USA, International [AT&T-Cingular, Various]
  • Sony Ericsson GC83 (EDGE) International [Various]
  • Vodafone Card (UMTS) International [Various]
  • ZTE MC310 (CDMA-1xRTT) International [Various]
WLAN (WiFi) Capabilities
  • IEEE 802.11b
  • Transmit power: 0 ~ 15 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity: 1 Mbps BPSK 8% PER -89 dBm
  • DMZ Support, NAPT between LAN and WWAN, DHCP Server, MAC access control, IP Port Forwarding, DNS Relay, Bridge between LAN and WLAN, Auto-Reconnect, Always On, Link Integrity, Dial On Demand, DDNS, FTP, OFDM Technology
  • HTTP server for web-based management, Remote Centre Management, SNMP V1/V2, Standard and Extended MIBs, TFTP, Syslog, CLI and Telnet Server for command line management, Scan tool for upgrade management, Customize splash page
  • Wireless user isolation, Access Control Table and RADIUS Authentication/Accounting, 802.1x, TKIP support, VPN End Point Feature: ESP/AH: 3DES/DES/MD5/SHA-1, VPN pass-through for PPTP and IPSec, HTTPS for Web management, 64-bit WEP and 128-bit RC4 encryption, WPA and WPA PSK, Web Portal, Password protected for web access, Closed system
  • Wired: 10/100Base-T (LAN)
  • Wireless: 3G/4G via Cellular Network PCMCIA PC Card Slot
  • Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g (WiFi) embedded
  • Serial: D-Sub RS232 connector
Operating Environment
  • Operating temperature: 0° C to 50° C
  • Operating relative humidity: 90% (max.) non-condensing
  • Storage temperature: -25° C to 75° C
  • Storage relative humidity: 90% (max.) non-condensing
Electrical Characteristics
  • 100/240 VAC high qualities and worldwide safety approval
  • Power
  • 3G/4G Cellular Network Activity
  • Wi-Fi Activity
  • Wired Ethernet
Physical Dimensions
  • Weight: 0.80 kg
  • Dimensions: 258 x 145 x 39mm (LWH)

Support and Help

PDF Document Data Sheet for this device
PDF Document Compatibility matrix for this device
Aids in determining wireless gateway/router compatibility with individual mobile (cellular) broadband data networking devices.

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