Quatech/B&B PCI based RS-422/485 Serial Host Adapter with DB9 Connectors

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Quatech/B&B PCI based RS-422/485 Serial Host Adapter 2 Port with DB9 Connectors Quatech/B&B's performance RS-422/485 serial boards are available with either 2 or 4-ports. Fully PCI 3.0 compliant, these host adapers for Serial I/O adds fast serial COM ports to mobile computers for attaching fax/modems, bar code scanners, court reporters, data acquisition equipment, mag stripe readers, GPS receivers, digital cameras or other RS-422/RS-485 serial devices. The ports are jumper configurable for either RS-422 or RS-485 in any combination for full and half duplex networks. PCI registers are properly implemented to assure that Plug-and-Play works reliably, and that the board will not cause PCI bus conflicts.

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PCI-DSC-200-300 Quatech/B&B PCI based RS-422/485 Serial Host Adapter 2 Port with DB9 Connectors N/A SOLD OUT

Features and Specifications

Win32 x86Unix

CE Mark

Vista Ready

Seven Ready

Manufacturer certifies RoHS Compliance

  • PCI 3.0 compliant
  • Speeds up to 921.6 kbps
  • Independent RS-422/485 ports
  • 16550 UART for DSC-100/200/300 with 16-byte FIFOs
  • Full duplex and half duplex modes supported on 200/300 models
  • Full modem control and hardware and software flow control
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 and Linux support
  • DB-9 connectors
  • RoHS compliant
Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer's 5 Year Limited Warranty
Bus Interface
  • 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI Bus specification 3.0 compliant
OS Support
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, OS/2, DOS, Linux
System Requirements PC
  • PCI slot equipped computer
Data Rates
  • up to 921.6 kbps (max*)
RS-422/485 Ports
  • DSC:2 QSC:4 (each configurable as RS-422 or RS-485 for full or half duplex)
  • DSC-200/300: Provides Two (DB9 Male) RS-422/485 Serial Ports for device connections
  • QSC-200/300: HD-44 female or with Four (DB9 Male) RS-422/485 Serial Ports for device connections
  • 16550 UARTs with 16-byte FIFOs
  • MAX3076E or compatible
RS-422/485 Drivers
  • Differential Voltage: +/-3.3V
  • Transition Time (TLH): 52ns (typ)
  • Transition Time (THL): 60ns (typ)
RS-422/485 Receive Buffers
  • Differential Input Threshold: ±0.2V
  • Voltage Range: -7V to +12V Common Mode Input
  • Transition Time (THL-TLH): 65ns (typ)
  • Operating: 0 to 70°C
  • Storage: -50 to 80°C
  • Humidity: 10 to 90%
Power Requirements
  • 260mA (+5V)
  • DSC 200/300: 4.785 x 3.5"
  • QSC 200/300: 4.725 x 2.5"
  • CE, FCC Class B, RoHS and WEEE compliant

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