FarLinX TCP-X25 SMS Router Appliance 1 X.25

TCP to X.25 SMS Gateway The FarLinX TCP to X.25 SMS Router extends the functionality of TCP based SMEs (Short Message Entities) such as SMS Gateways so that they can connect to SMSCs (Short Message Service Centres) that require X.25 as the network connection protocol. Examples of SMSCs requiring X.25 connectivity are the UK Vodafone network and the French Orange network. SMS messages normally sent and received over TCP are packetized and routed over X.25 connections. The SMS Router is symmetric in operation - the SMS Router can interface between an SMSC on the TCP/IP network and SMEs on the X.25 network as well as vice versa. The FarLinX X.25 SMS Router can be installed on the same site as an SMS Gateway to provide X.25 connectivity or alternatively at a remote location, for example in a Data Centre, to reduce the length of an X.25 leased line to an SMSC and hence ongoing line rental costs.

The FarLinX X.25 SMS Router is designed for non-stop operation: in the field it will run continuously without any manual intervention whatsoever. Changes to the configuration are applied dynamically, removing the need for reloading. The configuration application allows the router to support a large variety of TCP/IP and X.25 network configurations. Two or more SMS Routers can be used in a load balanced, resilient configuration that has no single point of failure. The SMS Router can be remotely managed. Tunneling protocols such as PPTP and L2TP can be used to provide a secure TCP/IP connection between the SME and the SMS router. A wide variety of SMS message protocols are supported including Sema OIS GPI XIT and XHT, Sema OIS Direct Access, Nokia CIMD, Logica (SMS Forum) SMPP and CMG EMI/UCP. The very flexible generic design of the Router allows it to operate with all Gateways that send and receive SMS messages over TCP.

Part Number and Description Price Add to Cart
F-FL2200 FarLinX TCP-X25 SMS Router Appliance 1 X.25 Line N/A SOLD OUT
F-FL2004 FarLinX TCP-X25 SMS Router Appliance Additional 4 X.25 Line Upgrade N/A SOLD OUT

Features and Specifications

CE Mark

  • See either the FarSite W3 Page or PDF datasheet for both hardware and operating system specific features for this device
  • FL2200: 1U Rackmount Form Factor
Warranty Information
  • FarSync two year limited warranty

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